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Wooing means. 9 Secrets To Wooing A Girl The Right Way

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But take my word: This moment right here is often one of the first opportunities you have to show a girl what a gentleman you are. You put your strong, firm man hands on that door, back up your cute, toned butt and instruct her to enter.

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Did you just buy them? I told him I wanted to pay. The next time you start to find yourself enamored with the thrill of the chase, when a man is pursuing you, stop and check in with yourself.

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These things are inevitable. Be engaged in the moment. Put your phone away.

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These things below have been carefully calculated, thought out, and experienced by yours truly. Did you just buy them?

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This one is a metaphor, but can also be taken literally. If she runs to you in tears wanting to talk, sit down with her and listen.

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