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What Psychological Traits Does the Con Artist Look for in Victims?

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Swami Laura Horos Library of Congress, via Wikimedia Commons Having taken on a slew of aliases in the course of her criminal career, little can be nailed down about this American con woman, including her real name. However, a trial in proved all of the above to be pure fiction. Not only did she swindle more victims while in jail, but also she convinced prison officials to allow her breaks from confinement to take carriage rides around Manhattan, and visits to the theater. The Lost Carnegie Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons Born Elizabeth Bigley , this Canadian con artist took the princess routine in a distinctly American direction by claiming to be the heiress of a massively wealthy industrialist.

The Paraplegic Possum, the Cross-Eyed Cat, and the Fish That Can't Swim

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October 22, —Jan 15, Hamilton Building - Level 2 See remarkable works created by women in Paris from to , a time of great social, cultural, and artistic change. There is no such thing as a dumb question, ask, ask, ask!!! The Golden Boos Born to a homeless couple in 18th century Liechtenstein, Erni concocted an unusual way to make a living, and it earned her the nickname " The Golden Boos.

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She claimed to be Princess Caraboo of the island Javasu. If you are a Military member, make sure your photos on Facebook are set so no one but your friends can see them. The necklace vanished, presumably disassembled for the fencing of its many diamonds.

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This tall tale launched her to near instant fame, and earned her fans in the wealthy Worrall family who feted and cared for her with lavish attention. All of which were essentially snake oil. October 22, —Jan 15, Hamilton Building - Level 2 See remarkable works created by women in Paris from to , a time of great social, cultural, and artistic change. Even when a former employer revealed Baker's true identity, the Worrall family stood by the charming impostor.

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She concocted an elaborate tale of the divorced royals reuniting in a German convent and leaving her to live with her "aunt" Princess Sophia Albertine of Sweden. She was last spotted in Cincinnati in

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