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If you see this in a message, it's basically just a buzzkill for the mood. That said, if someone is using when talking about what a long day they had, or if they don't like their boss, that's a demand for sympathy. Standard contamination of a mummy that was exposed to the open air. These grooved spheres have been the subject of many strange theories, most revolving around the existence of intelligent aliens who made the pod-like trinkets—which apparently can rotate on their axes—using intelligent alien technology and otherworldly metals some 3 billion years ago.

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Standard contamination of a mummy that was exposed to the open air. The Bermuda Triangle so-named by pulp writer Vincent Gaddis in has had conspiracy theorists of all stripes spouting endless theories for years. The mummy had 10 ribs instead of the typical 12; a strangely sloped head; and at just 6 inches long, was fetus-sized, but its bones were as dense as a child's. When it comes to the Nazca lines, they speculate that ancient astronauts from outer space drew almost geometric, animal, and plant shapes in a vast, arid plateau on Peru's Pampas de Jumana.

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When a small, oddly shaped, strangely featured mummy was discovered in Chile's Atacama Desert in , some on the internet called it proof that beings from space had once lived among humans—and perhaps even mated with them. Be wary of teases though, some people just like the attention.

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