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What Is A Cohabiting Family?

Why is cohabitation increasing. The Rise of Cohabitation

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Commitment theory and previous research on why couples form cohabitations show that it is useful to distinguish internal from external reasons. Yet, if the number of cohabiting couples is set to increase by two-thirds, then presumably the number of births to cohabiting couples will also increase, as will the number of children then growing up in single-parent households and struggling against all the odds that indicate greater risk of negative outcomes, whether measured in terms of education, housing, health and social care, tax and nenefits, or civil and criminal justice. The rapid growth in cohabitation among unmarried adults has also slowed.

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The present study used in-depth mail surveys of couples to address a fundamental question in the cohabitation literature: See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

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Just as some people develop habits of perseverence and patience in their approach to work and life goals, while others seem always to give up at the first sign of trouble, so too might it be with relationships. Items were written to measure the three major types of reasons discussed earlier time together, convenience, and testing. Already three in ten births are to cohabiting couples, but cohabitation is a very unstable form of relationship:

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