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The Myth of TOO MUCH Testosterone

Too high testosterone levels. High and Low Testosterone Levels in Men

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What Does High Testosterone do to a Man? It's been the prevailing wisdom in the medical profession since at least the 's, which has much to do with the popular presses' negative PR campaigning against steroids in sport. The reason for depression with high testosterone levels is a disruption in hormonal balance, making the body respond negatively. A man with high testosterone levels could be happy one minute and depressed or furious the next.

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It's something you have to weigh the positives against the negatives. If there are already cancer cells growing in the prostate area, elevated testosterone levels can cause them to develop more aggressively. Well it's not without its risks, and unfortunately there isn't much long term data supporting either position.

Is it Possible to Have Too Much Testosterone?

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Men with high testosterone levels may act without thought of the consequences involved. While there are ties to hair loss and levels of DHT, it is a common misconception that increased levels of testosterone are a direct cause of hair loss read our article about testosterone and balding here. Hair Loss Another side effect many associate with too much testosterone is hair loss, or male pattern balding. Again, careful dosage and proper monitoring can go a long way towards preventing or limiting these side effects of too much testosterone, and there are a number of treatment options for both oily skin and acne as well.

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