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I take three minutes and I ask for a blessing that everything that needs to be solved is solved and then I ask for a blessing for all those that I know and love, from my family and friends to my clients, that they experience the same blessing. And then formulate a plan for how to serve them better than anyone else has before. And to stop neglecting your body by not working out. How would you define success?

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Nov 16, More from Inc. Look for other famous people in history who had to overcome various physical, financial and characteristic disabilities and became famous in their own right.

Use this tip from one of the world's greatest life coaches to overcome shame.

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Here are some guests to look forward to in November—you can click on each one to sign up for the chat: This can be achieved by deep diaphramagmatic breathing , rebounding jumping on a mini-trampoline , dry brushing or lymphatic massage. Self-confidence is a natural human characteristic that helps us move past failure.

Create a flood of positivity.

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What does your daily routine look like? Cleanse and Detoxify The second step in how to live a healthy life is cleansing and detoxifying. With all of the diets, fads and trends out there it can be hard to figure out what the best strategy is to creating a healthier life. You will never be able to deal with shame.

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