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I knew that I loved this woman, her soul was pure. Its called a set up.

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Discipline Of Giving Freedom Then finally number five, the discipline of giving freedom. No honey it was my fault, no it was my fault. Tear up your rules, make this your number one rule. It might take three more years, five more, 10 years, but its over.

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I mean, truly, no matter what. That means you open up.


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If your triggers get fired, if something triggers your masculine or feminine.. If you can remember that, human behavior is not a reflection of the human spirit. But what I mean by this is, if you have courage and vulnerability, that means you tell the truth.

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Bottom line is, I trust and love them. We immediately look at, we got to be courage and vulnerable. Often its a reflex action of the animal inside of us. But what I mean by this is, if you have courage and vulnerability, that means you tell the truth.

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