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Chris Brown - Apology

Sorry i cheated songs. The 22 Best Songs to Say 'Sorry'

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What exactly is he apologizing for? Well, the title really says it all. But if being a pathetic sack of lumpy sad person seems like the right move to you, the Magnetic Fields have you covered.

'All Apologies'

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We like apologetic Justin. But it does instill a little humility in all of us, and it may also lessen the pain of the person you hurt to know that you regret what you did.

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Also, you'll probably have to start shaving your head bald with a straight razor for some reason. But in line with the theme of apologies, this is a great song for all of you who took a while to swallow your pride and apologize to someone.

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She tells her lover she always realizes too late to say she's sorry, and she follows that up by insisting that they're both slaves to their impulses. Plus, this song is crazy catchy.

'So Sorry'

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