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sad songs for lonely people

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His melodies to his music feel like they sync with my soul. Knowing someone out there felt how I felt was comforting. And it sounds like a march.

49 ‘Adam’s Song’ – Blink 182

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You may even find special someone that shares your undying passion for vintage Whitesnake records. The title itself says it all when it comes to the pain of loneliness.

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Martins Press, writes stories that unveil the lives of gutsy women on the brink of self-discovery or disaster. Youth by Daughter The words alone without the music will bring tears to your eyes. I love the words and the song is so calming. A song filled with hope, even when things seem bleak.

Your Song by Elton John

After the relationship with my buddy and her mental bypass to my maths and depression. As I got later, I listened oonely more and more Mobile John.

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