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Korean style contains Korean jamo letters instead of other characters. You are thinking right. This article will cover lots of Cool Profile Pictures you are looking for. Chinese ideographic style[ edit ] See also:

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But not all people are lucky to get their desired photos easily. You'll get variety of orkut scraps and glitters here, like birthday scraps to send to your friends and loved one to wish happy birthday, love scraps, i love you scraps or flirt scraps to express your heart to your heartiest person, good morning greetings , good night scraps to wish the special times of day to your firnds, we have also orkut scraps for friends, orkut scraps for romantic partners, scraps and images for different seasons and festivals and even funny orkut scraps and images for orkut which could make your loved one smile. In most circles it has become acceptable to omit the hyphen, whether a colon or an equal sign is used for the eyes, [36] but in some areas of usage people still prefer the larger, more traditional emoticon:

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