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Why You Should Stop Having Sex Before Marriage

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Patricia Love, the author of The Truth About Love, writes that a feeling of intimacy is created by a "chemical cocktail" that is produced in the brain during sex and stays with each person for up to 24 hours after intercourse. Women, whose wombs are a scarce resource, seek quality. This is what happens with pre-marital sexual acts. By college, sex had become a sport for me, and I eventually became a sex addict.

Why Premarital Sex Is Wrong

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They want a "condemnation" or a "thou shalt not. This fits in perfectly with the apostle Paul's warning in 1 Corinthians 6:

Why Premarital Sex Is A Bad Idea

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It's a question of two people becoming one flesh. This is implied in a couple's decision to "leave" their parents and "cleave" to one another Genesis 2: STDs would be virtually nonexistent if not for sex outside of marriage; if each person had only one partner, they would have no STD to transmit.

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