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Pia mellody avoidant. Love Addiction and Love Avoidance

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Steve K & Twelve-Step Philosophy

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She deludes herself into believing that the mimicry is the real thing by creating her lover in accordance to a fantasy of her own making. He is as fearful of women as he is fascinated by them and only wished that he had the nerve to ask one out. The therapeutic contribution of presenting Pia Mellody's modus operandi of the Co-Addicted Tango to the patients is that the compelling accuracy of her models reduces the patients' shame by exposing their delusions to reason. You feel smothered by your partner when he or she wants to have you around so much.

The Co-Addicted Tango: Pia Mellody’s Theory of Love Addiction and Love Avoidance

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This allows us to dissolve some of the seeming differences that give rise to labels. When the one who is chasing finally gets close to the one running away, they both erupt into intensity, either a romantic interlude or a terrific fight. This relates to what they have in common below the surface.

What is Love Addiction?

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