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How to Be Passive Aggressive in Your Relationship

Passive aggressive couples. 14 Passive-Aggressive Couples That Make Marriage Fun Again

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As often as possible, come up with ideas for solutions to your issues together. People are intrusive and eager to find flaws, so lay it all out on the table and it will surely boost their self-esteem.

How to Stop Passive Aggression from Ruining Your Relationship

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As any woman knows, a subtle hint or gentle nudge is not always enough to produce long-lasting results. The key to any successful long term relationship is space, so keep your partner in their territory by any means necessary. Find new and exciting ways to tell your partner what you need. Take a minute to chill out and calm down before approaching each other and the issue.

What to do in the heat of the moment

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If you witnessed explosive anger as a child, where a caregiver yelled or displayed physical aggression, you are likely to grow up terrified of the emotion—not just of seeing someone get angry, but of feeling anger, too. Over the course of my 35 years working in Santa Monica as a marriage and family therapist, and teacher of anger-management classes, I developed some specific tips for coping with passive aggression. The key to any successful long term relationship is space, so keep your partner in their territory by any means necessary.

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How to eliminate passive-aggressive behavior over the long run More on Conflict in Romantic Relationships. Find new and exciting ways to tell your partner what you need.

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