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Opposites attract ideas. Relationships: opposites do not attract, scientists prove

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She thinks the supersocial, emotionally expressive Kaling is probably driven by the estrogen system, whereas Messina is likely dominated by his testosterone. Using fish shaped die cuts that you make or purchase at a craft store, show your students how to write each word on one cut out to make a deck of cards. Start by choosing one specific word you want your students to learn, and then make a list of eight synonyms and eight antonyms for that word. Hillary is testosterone, and Bill is estrogen.

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Your synonyms could include clever, bright, smart, gifted, intellectual, sharp and able. It would explain the noticeable friction between the characters of Mindy and Danny.

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Ideally, you should have twenty-five pairs to draw from. Your antonym list could include stupid, dim, unintelligent, thick, slow, dull, brainless and dim-witted. The types that feel the pull?

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Remind your students as you play that they should not mark the word that they hear but they should mark its opposite. Culturally and socially, we still do expect similarities to pool together, and those cultural influences can drive our decisions about whom we pair off with — at least in part. Your synonyms could include clever, bright, smart, gifted, intellectual, sharp and able. To play antonym bingo, you will need a list of words and their antonyms with which your students are already familiar.

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