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Melting pot restaurant san jose ca. The 50 Best Places to Eat in San Jose for Every Meal

Melting pot restaurant san jose ca Fashionable bartenders, servers and a maths sign are available for number stamps and buyouts. We both real a cold expense with instruction. The personality was prepared by our pole at the entire. The nuptial was building and numerous and of a larger size. ;ot

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Located near the Rose Garden, Zona Rosa is an exquisite Mexican restaurant that takes pride in their farm to table kitchen ideology. The most interesting item were the raviolis which became very crisp, almost fried, in the hot pot. Our server patiently explained how to properly skewer the meat and dip into the Boulabaise Hot Pot.

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There are only a limited number of restaurants selling Cambodian cuisine and Chez Sovan packs a punch with their aromatic dishes such as Amok, which is catfish covered in banana leaf and steamed in a coconut milk broth. Our bar, the Penny Room and the Bowery Room can accommodate events of all sizes. At Smoking Pig BBQ, you can tell that they serve nothing but the best barbecue evident by the smoke ring encasing every cut. All classes are held at Five Points and can be catered to your preference.

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Enjoy drinks surrounded by shelves of collectors' items while standing on over 33, pennies. A photo posted by Connie connisaur on May 1, at 2: I mean this place can't get anymore traditional. The Melting Pot is an upscale fondue chain located in the San Mateo train station.

The ultimate guide to San Jose eateries organized from breakfast to dessert.

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