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Massage therapist horror stories. SERIOUS WARNING – If you do any releases to your Psoas or Abs, you MUST READ THIS

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Clients are at least expected to have showered prior to their appointment. Ideally, you should get a health professional to help you release your muscles, especially in the abdomen She still had the vomiting and now diarrhea. Massaging your partner to orgasm ] But then things took a turn for the strange.


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When she contacted me, I told her to go straight to emergency as I thought she had a ruptured appendix. When I had turned him supine, he asked if I could massage his stomach.


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Well, unfortunately the gentleman had a Sacajawea coin sized pus-filled blister on his back that popped during the massage. We have a similar abdominal wall. But you might not have heard any massage stories before.

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