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Video about how to recognise emotional abuse:

What is Emotional Abuse?

How to recognise emotional abuse. Aww! 12-month-old babies recognise emotional reactions and link them to their cause

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They may become deliberately emotionally distant from you for long periods of time. Narcissistic abuse is an emotional trauma. They may withdraw affection from you to punish you. So the impact is gradual, not fist-to-the-eye immediate.

Key points:

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They may have no regard for, and no interest in, the way you feel. They may have difficulty taking responsibility for their actions. They may mock, impersonate or otherwise talk to you in sarcastic ways.

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They may degrade or subtly humiliate you in front of other people. Instead, they deflect the blame onto you. Following the end of an abusive relationship, a lot of business is left unfinished, including unsettled disputes, discrediting of your character, questions unanswered, and unrequited love.

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