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Video about grieving divorce stages:

The 5 Emotional Stages of Divorce: Know where you are to get the help you need.

Grieving divorce stages. Stages of grief in losing a relationship to divorce

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There are different variations, but they are very similar to the stages of grief when dealing with a death of a loved one. You may carry on your normal life, going about your normal routines and refuse to believe the reality of what is happening in your life. This is the part of the journey where there is the most growth, if you allow it.

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If these symptoms seem very severe or go on for a long time, in either you or your children, then seek medical help. Even if you wanted the divorce, or believed it was the best route to take, there will still be a feeling of regret, wasted time, and loss. This stage frequently accompanies Shock and Disbelief. Eventually, people DO make it to this stage.


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Anger How could the person I exchanged vows with in front of God, family, and friends be doing this? The path from the event of the separation to the final dissolution is rarely straight.

The first step of the process is feeling the pain

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Depression is often accompanied by shame, and many people experience a period of isolation while grieving. For example, you may have to determine who receives various assets, who has custody of the children or who must move out of the house.

Divorce Grief Can Often Feel Like Death

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