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SECRET SANTA IDEAS FOR STUDENTS // Christmas presents for £5 and under!

Greedy santa gift ideas. Dirty Santa Gift Exchange

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Sep 11, Visit our collection of wonderful, funny and budget friendly white elephant gifts. Misti December 17th, at 7: This is really a gift exchange made for a certain type of crowd, but if your group takes to this type of competition it can be a very fun and crazy exchange to have. Aunt Roies's casSeroles are everyone's favorite and so are the cookies my cousins bake.

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In the beginning of the twentieth century when groups of people started exchanging Christmas gifts, a name was coined for this event and it stuck. Although it's common sense to not spend too much on a common Christmas gift, sometimes it may be a good idea to set a price limit and restrict gifts that are in a specific range.

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We played this game at our family reunion last year and it was a lot of fun. For all this to work, gifts must be wrapped well, even deceivengly shaped to create more intrigue and dissapointment resulting laughter!


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Not literrally of course. It is great to hear all the laughter and see everyone enjoying themselves.

Are you Running the Dirty Santa Exchange? Check out some quick tips!

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