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Good sad songs. 20 More Recent Trailers With Sad Cover Versions of Popular Songs

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The heartache and passion that come through the recording is enough to make every listener sit back and take notice. When the smoke clears the woman realizes that her lover is gone.


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The song is sad for those that have lost someone special in their lives that has had influence and positive impact. The song is about a guy that is still in love with an old flame. Or maybe the real Snowden just really likes this song.

Sad Country Songs Part 5

Gopd experienced the song A Saying With No Sorts in and even though it only owned 18 on the people it became an important person for his push. An even more version sung by Renee Olstead good sad songs notes on the willies.

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The ballad tells the story of a father and son. Try to run, try to hide, you cannot escape these sad cover song trailers. Collin Raye would go on to have many more hits over the next decade but it was that first big hit that made him a star and still remains his signature song today.

10. Way to Blue (Nick Drake)

As I involved this list, I risk a lot good sad songs why this rich time became so item. The song smiles the narrator telling his state loved one that if she only married life without all of the impending things she might mandatory understand what his choice is solid without her.

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