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10 Wedding Traditions From Other Countries

German wedding rituals. 7 German Wedding traditions you didn’t know about

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Veil Dance — this is a popular game for a wedding evening. Bride, groom and honored guests appear in their local costumes, and the entire village surrounds the couple with dancing or feasting on wooden benches at long tables.

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Midnight is when Germans often choose to cut the cake. Finding their car could be difficult, because friends might have lifted it and carried it away to a different place and wrapped it in toilet paper. We prefer this version, and so would brides who are particularly fond of their veils. Honking back is optional.

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Only the witnesses to the wedding, closest family members, and sometimes close friends are present during this official part. Wedding Evening — at the wedding evening a lot of games are played, speeches are held the first normally from the father of the bride , sometimes a wedding newspaper is handed out.

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