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Excellent example of manipulation and propaganda

Examples manipulative behavior. Psychological manipulation

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Don't respond to bad behavior. For your own peace of mind, call them out on this behavior. They diminish your problems or difficulties. Manipulators love to falsely accuse the victim as "deserving to be treated that way.

Gaslighting In Relationships

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Gaslighting is one of the ways they will seek to do this. By its very nature- manipulative behaviour is sneaky, deceptive and devious. But I've never had a new car in my life. Lies Here, we are not talking about little white lies once in a while, but about compulsive liars who lie to manipulate you.

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Manipulators may first come across as caring and sensitive, using these tactics to deflect their true motives. Manipulators use this tactic to make others feel unworthy and therefore defer to them. You know something is terribly wrong, but you can never quite express what it is, even to yourself.

The Cause of Manipulative Behaviour

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Manipulator comforts the victim into submission by claiming whether true or false that many people already have done something, and the victim should as well. This final element is especially common in romantic relationships where the concept of love is what holds the victim in bondage to their partner.

Gaslighting Amongst Family

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