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Strong evidence has been published on Chernobyl related effect on children, including impaired lung function and increased breathing difficulties, lowered blood counts, high levels of anemias and colds and raised levels of immunoglobulins. Bakersfield advanced to the second round to take on Stockton, winning the series, four games to one.

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Although his stay was short-lived before a promotion, his five-game stint was long enough to foreshadow a timely return to the club later in the season. Robins returned from his hand injury and made a statement by collecting 2 goals including a game-winner and a Gordie Howe Hat Trick , 3 points, and 45 penalty minutes in his first four games. D Mark Fayne opened the scoring early in the third and C Josh Currie tied the game at late in the frame. The 11 game overall winning streak tied the all-time Condors mark for wins in a row, set during the season.

The Origins of Bakersfield Hockey

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LW Brad Snetsinger was the Grizzlies leading point scorer at the time of the trade, and took over that status with the Condors upon his arrival. He later received an offer to play in Russia and departed for the remainder of the year. In June , the Japanese government revised the medium- and long-term roadmap for the decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi site. Pierre, for the longest winning streak by a goaltender in Condors history.

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