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"SMIZING" - how to SMILE WITH YOUR EYES, with model Emily Rose & Michelle Doherty Photography

Close lipped smile. Body Language: Smiles

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For actor DB Sweeney this is his normal smile - we assume sarcasm isn't his norm. The zygomatic majors pull the mouth back to expose the teeth and enlarge the cheeks, while the orbicularis oculi make the eyes narrow and cause 'crow's feet'. The tension that's created by these two opposing actions is often quite appealing and more powerful than its individual parts. This smile can say, "I have a secret", "That's just silly" or "I'm tolerating you only because I have to" depending on how tight the mouth is.

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In a lop-sided smile, one side of your mouth is moving upward in amusement while the other side's pulling down in restraint. Cousins checked into a hotel room and watched every old school funny movie he could find:

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How Humor Heals Laughter stimulates the body's natural painkillers, those 'feel good' enhancers known as endorphins, helping to relieve stress and heal the body. Would I lie to you? Patients were then exposed to to minute sessions each day.


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Ekman believes this is because liars realize that most people associate smiling with lying so they intentionally decrease their smiles. Crying is often an extension of a laughing bout and is why, in a serious emotional crisis, such as hearing about a death, a person who cannot mentally accept the death may begin laughing. A person's pupils will contract when they're angry, unhappy or repulsed. No wrinkles near the eyes, means not a happy smile.

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