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He had white stripes down the legs, and the body was fantastically marked with red, the toning of the red round his eyes with the dark grounding of his skin gave him a weird appearance. For the purposes of this study, therefore, it will be assumed that the people who ranged over what later became the site of the Princess Alexandra Hospital were the Coorpooroo group, with territorial links extending south to the Logan, and with linguistic links as far north as the Pine river. Even so, the white toehold remained tenuous. This large language group was divided into different sub-tribes in defined areas with identifiable dialects.

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The next race, between Aboriginal-manned four-oared canoes, was judged the race of the day. The low-lying land at Hill End was then known as Coombes Swamp and was owned by a Mr Wilkes, who employed Aboriginal workers to cut the reeds sold for house thatch. The kippar, passing along the passage way, was expected to leap from the ground in a ball-like shape, while blacks holding the shafts clashed the roots together.

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Anger was expressed on one occasion through rifle shots. They would fish together for bream and flathead, or just laze in the sun on the sandy beach. The Aborigines, Petrie said, were very daring in those days, and were only deterred by the noise of the flint pistol which was fired whenever they appeared on the opposite bank.

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