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Always falling for the wrong guy. Trump’s New Economic Adviser Lawrence Kudlow Has Been Wrong About Everything for Decades

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A dozen years ago, I wrote a book about the unshakable grip of supply-side economics upon the Republican Party. Not recent ones; you wouldn't find those in our high school library. In the anime he says to Mary's ghost that he's grown to love Rosette so much that "Rosette's taken over the place [she] used to occupy in my heart", but the manga occasionally implies that Chrono never fully gets over his first love, but grows to love Rosette just as much. Rather than question his analysis, Kudlow switched to crediting the results to the great tax-cutter, Ronald Reagan.

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It gives people with good intentions a new roadmap into abstraction. Takagi is the one she falls for. The Curse of Wedge Antilles, we see that as a teenager Wedge was in love with a Rebel sympathizer named Mala, only for her to be killed by Imperials while he was " luckily " away hauling cargo; he never got to say that he loved her.

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It was born when Plato and Aristotle looked at the works of their predecessors and said in effect "why can't you be more like your brother? I doubt I believed I understood them, but they sounded like they were talking about something important. It's all very confusing.


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